Kennedy And Leonard: A Love Story

Kennedy And Leonard: A Love Story

Kennedy has always loved to travel and he has always dreamed of travelling with someone he loved. His relationship with Leonard began three years ago thanks to one social networking site; this is where it all started! He chatted with Leonard for two days and they agreed to meet. Unfortunately, Leonard never showed up. Kennedy went home and told himself that Leonard must not be interested.

Several hours later Kennedy received a text message from his new acquaintance, apologizing and telling him the reason why he was delayed. Leonard asked if they could still meet but unfortunately at that time Kennedy had a scheduled flight to New York and planned to stay there for two months.

When Kennedy came back, he again received a message from Leonard wanting to visit at his place, and finally they met.

Three months later the couple started living together and being in a relationship, they decided to get engaged. Kennedy’s friends gave them grief about how quickly it happened. But everything seemed so easy, and it felt like they knew each other for years; it all felt natural.

The first time they romanced was on a rainy day when Leonard was working late and decided to spend the night at Kennedy’s place. He found that Kennedy had set the environment right and it was clear that he was expecting the lover of his life. He had dimmed the lights and bought a bottle of wine. He opened the door and Leonard was standing there all wet. So, he ushered him in and asked if he would like a warm bath. Leonard accepted and dashed into the bathroom to freshen up. Upon opening the bathroom door, he found Kennedy standing right there looking him straight in his eyes.

It was evident that he wanted him bad, and this was it. Kennedy drew closer to Leonard and kissed him. It was irresistible since he too also wanted him so badly. They kissed for a few minutes while Kennedy caressed his hair and pulled him closer. Just as he was about to drop his towel, Leonard stopped for a moment and told him to take things slow since this was the first time they were kissing.

Leonard was just playing hard to get but he too wanted things to take a different turn that night. The two decided to spend the rest of the evening on the couch sipping some wine and listening to some old-school blues as they cuddled.

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